Saturday, January 29, 2011

Monkey and Baby.

I started this habit of cleaning up the living room and play areas at night before I go to bed. I read it from a fellow blogger, who is a organization master and has 7 children (yes, I said seven). I do feel that this is very helpful and only take a few minutes and keeps us somewhat on top of things. It is a bit daily though, as in routine, boring and regular. I can up with a little game for myself, and maybe for Kate.

The game involves putting a few of her toys in unique places. It keeps them different for her, and for me. My favorites to move around are baby and monkey. They are a dynamic pair, those two. Monkey is the brains of the operation, but don't think that Baby is innocent in the situation. Those blue eyes and placid smile can be deceiving, but I think there is mischief underneath.

Katie usually finds them pretty fast once she is up, there isn't much laughing but they usually then are moved to her own location. I swear I went to college with Monkey, and he is still the guy with the goofy smile trying to get most of us into trouble. I think he was wearing that same shirt last time I saw him too.

I wonder what those two will be up to next?

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