Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Format.

I have more interesting things I could write about, but as you might have noticed. I am changing the blogs look a little bit. I am coming up on a year of writing, its January in a very rainy Pacific Northwest so why not start rearranging things a bit.

I need feed back though. I wish I was artistic and techy. I know that I have some people out there that read this and are both. I want a comment or two on what you think and I will keep tinkering away.


  1. Okay, I want a graphic up by my title but there I am a bit limited... I wonder if I could just upload it if I make it on the desk top. I like the font but not the boring look

  2. You can make it on your desk top but it's challenging. Google doesn't make it very easy to get something up there and look right. I'll try to look at my header size and see if I can get the dimensions, that will help in getting the image to show right.

  3. I love the background! Ok, you said you wanted feedback - I would redo your lili-pie counter with a clear background so that it would just be the grey behind it. I like the font header too!!!