Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Milestones and more.

Before I had a child I didn't even have a clue what a milestone was. Sure, I knew that it was a big deal that they did certain things by certain ages and that particularly with your first child you would be excited with their first steps and so on. Of course then I had the micro-preemie and I became a walking encyclopedia on early childhood development. I have at least five charts, four handouts and several books on when Kate should do this and that. I mean literally everything has a spectrum of normal ages, with ranges.

Being high risk for just about everything, monitored by various specialist and the daughter of a very 'type A' organized poor Kate has been very analyzed. I tend to worry, worry and worry some more and then right at the cusp of when I think she needs a specialist she does what-ever milestone is next on the list. My current obsession is her speech which, I will continue to worry about in silence for now.

Because every once in a while, with no worry, no prompting my little peanut does something that just amazes me. Granted, I worked hard to set up the new craft table and I am very excited to start crafting with her over the next couple of years. I said nothing and just continued to work on something at the dining room table.

Meanwhile, Kate just got in her own chair and enjoyed her crayons. Making her mother very happy.


  1. Such gorgeous curly hair! Love it!

  2. Nice craft table. The kid ain't too shabby either.