Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FEBRUARY!!! Cupcake of the month.

As I said, January is a thing of the past and good riddance. As if the weather gods read my blog, the first two days of February though bitter cold had beautiful sun and I made sure to bundle us up and out we've gone. Sun and blue sky even with layers and layers of clothing on will soothe the soul any day.

This month also marks a year of my blog, and some 80 post done with close to 5000 hits. Not to shabby for a working mom that a year and half ago didn't know how to load the digital pictures to computer. Hopefully I will just have more and more fun with it. In general my blog is just a outlet for me, something to enjoy without an agenda or priority. All the same I wouldn't mind making it better and better and providing some entertainment to all those bloggers and blog readers out there. Not to mention maybe a few more followers to my madness.

With all this in mind I am continuing on with something I have done in the past, and I can't guarantee I will do one every month (that is might be too much for this blogger to handle) but I introduce the CUPCAKE OF THE MONTH! I have never made red velvet cake so I am going to experiment a bit with it before I post the recipe I like the best. I am going with a plain cream cheese frosting. Keep checking back and I will keep you posted on the cupcake progress.

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