Thursday, January 20, 2011

Working Mom bliss.

The other morning Kate was
playing in her room alone.
It was too quiet.
The pictures are in reverse order, and
I found her happy as a clam in
her toy bin,
of course when I took a picture she wanted to see it.

Yes you read the title right! I actually am not going to complain about being a working mom for once, though don't worry I will be back to my complaining self before you know it. I did want to share though that there are moments in my working motherhood that are blissful.

First and foremost, my profession is beyond amazing. Now notice I say profession, because my job well that can be a whole other story (one not recommended for internet publication). Being a veterinarian is at times everything I ever wanted and more. I adore my patients, and just can't believe that I get paid to be the advocate for such special, loving and vulnerable creatures. I could write so many stories on these individuals and how they've stolen and broken my heart with their little fuzzy faces.

Beyond that everyday though challenging and stressful, is simply that challenging and eventful. I rarely have a dull day (when I do I am actually a little bit grateful to just have time to catch my breath). I get to work, and mostly just barely get everything done in the time allowed, and the day flies by. Just this week, I got to work up a few complicated internal medicine cases, do a complicated orthopedic surgery and advise countless clients in complicated decisions regarding their pets health. Along with talking to clients and seeing their pets for healthy visits, and these are people I see every year (or more) so I get to ask about their families and they ask about mine. In a strange way beyond being my clients and patients these are my friends.

And then I come home, and there is my happy munchkin. She will be joyfully playing in the living room. My stress of the day just melts away as I watch her move objects from the living room to her bedroom. Or she attempts to pull off my shoes while putting a silly bracelets on her arm. She still so young and innocent that she is just happy to see me home. No complaining that I was gone all day. No eye rolling because I didn't get something done for her. Just giggles, smiles and hugs. With my schedule I always work two days then have a day off, so my working mommy guilt is typically in check because I know I have a whole day with her or will in just another day.

I wouldn't say I have it all or that I have found the perfect work/life balance. I would just say that sometimes all the pieces fit together and when they do, what sweet bliss it is!

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