Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Ironically just after I published a blog about all the pieces fitting together in life I made my husband's birthday cake and it looked like the above train wreck of a cake. What the hell happened? Wish I knew. I let it cool completely, five plus hours. The frosting went on easy and then I decorated it and covered it with the glass cake cover. Little K and I went to Costco, and when I got back it looked like a small earthquake had occurred in cake world.

I make him this cake most years, and this is the first true fatality. Though to be honest most of the time one of the animals usually has a nibble or lick prior to the big day so there is always a side that get turned to the back or I have to remember when serving it which piece not to give out (I know gross, but we have a lot of badly behaved pets). And this is the reason I placed it on a fancy covered cake stand.

I called Ed on the phone and explained the tragic cake fate. He of course said, no big deal I am sure it will taste just fine. Upon viewing it he even suggested they could just be really big pieces. I still feel that it is a bit pitiful for somebodies birthday, but when I faced the facts that I didn't have any ingredients or time to make another cake. I just let it be, and fixed myself a cup of coffee (it was too early for wine).

Very curious how I am going to get all those candles on it. All the same I hope my wonderful husband has a fabulous birthday, even with my silly cake.


  1. I once made a birthday cake, on which I wrote "Happy Bithday!" Those pictures just never seem to go away. The cake tasted great though.

  2. You may be giving me a run for my money with the baking. That cake looks amazing!