Sunday, January 9, 2011

Long Run Sunday.

I signed up for a 21 mile race in California this May. I've got somewhere between 15 and 16 weeks to get ready for this. And though I've run three marathons and all sorts of race in between marathon and a 5K, I still have to prepare and train to run 21 miles. From now until then, I have to run increasing mileage in a somewhat organized fashion so that I don't get injured and I actually enjoy our time in California. I know that I will write several more post on this whole thing and my crazy motivation to do this but today keeping it simple.

The way I train, is to have one day that is my long run day. This is the one day a week that I go out and run my longest of the week, and eventually these will be 20 miles or so. For the most part these are on Saturday or Sunday (and I do see a whole blog coming on trying to fit these into an already busy life).

This week I was to run 9 miles. Last week it was 8 and we had a surprise ice storm and I had to drive to another adjacent town to get that one done. Well, I should have run on Saturday this week.

This is the view from the road outside of my house:

Oh, well I had to run so I head out. Hmm, this was a bit hardier than I thought it would be. I felt like I was running in sand. Going to keep going:

Okay, it was pretty ridiculous. I couldn't tell where the road was or the sidewalk, cars were crashing and I was not really feeling my ankles. I decided to just enjoy taking some pictures and have some fun.

I'll fit those 9 miles in sometime this week, or maybe I will have just had three in the snow. What can I say its winter.

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