Sunday, July 31, 2011

Toddler drama.

Some days I don't think there is any explanation. Maybe it is the phase of the moon. Maybe her diaper is on too tight. Maybe we both slept poorly. Or like I said there is no explanation, my daughter is just a pain.

Of course I love her always. Days like this just make it harder to enjoy her. If we are lucky we can snap out of after a few hours, but other times it just keeps going and going. Here is an incomplete of what caused drama today:

I changed her dirty diaper and then made her wear pants.

I offered her cereal.

I put on her new shoes, instead of the purple sparkly shoes (that we need to wear at all times).

I didn't color with her when I was talking to another adult.

I showed her a giant piece of watermelon.

I put her down for a nap.

I offered her what is typically her favorite lunch that I picked up when I was running errands and she was napping.

I suggested we go outside to play.

I stopped reading to her after 15 books.

I made her put shoes on again.

And I am not talking just a bit of whining. I am talking full out drama. Crying, thrashing, and time outs. It just kept on going and going. We were both exhausted by dinner time and the last hour was uneventful. I am pretty sure this is typical for the age, and a daughter. But, lordy that is enough to make a saint want to run away and never come home.

All I can say is that I hope we do a little better tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Zoo adventures.

I have been a very slow and sleepy this July, between being very busy at work. At the beginning of summer I came up with this huge list of 'to-do's'. It is really a bucket list for summer and being me, I am determined that we are going to get through that list. It was a gorgeous Sunday, which we've only had a few of lately so it was off to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle for us.

We went early to avoid the crowds and possible toddler meltdowns. We avoided the crowds, unfortunately we did not avoid the toddler meltdowns. We are in a awkward painful stage where she does not want to ride in strollers (shopping carts, high chairs) but yet doesn't have the skills to walk the distance or speed that is required.
The alternative to this is to carry her. We fought the battle... stroller, screaming and thrashing, and alternating carrying her. Thank goodness she is a still a peanut, but our aching backs. We of course let her walk around and look at animals and all other types of things. She would get engrossed in a boulder or sewage drain though and thus off we would carry her on.
In general we all had a good time, and as the day went on and more and more people showed up I was very glad we came early. The animals seems much happier in the morning as well, we got to see most of them eating one of their first meals of the day. It was the closest I had been to some of them before.

Kate's favorite was the peguins which she found exciting as they dived into the water right next to her. I thought they were a little smelly, but a good time for all.
Summer bucket list you are going to be completed soon!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Strawberry Picking.

I LOVE STRAWBERRIES! I really do. One of my favorite desserts is strawberry shortcake, but really anything with strawberries. I am lucky because we grow amazing strawberries around here and they usually are ready at the end of June. This year I decided I'd take Kate to the field for picking.
Luckily for me, Grandpa came along too. Because that was more than I bargained for. She did seem to enjoy it all but, didn't really understand the concept of picking and not eating. Picking and not taking them right back out of mom's bucket. She really didn't feel the need to finish one berry before grabbing another and try that one. Unfortunately the other berry then gets dropped into the ground, and sat on.
The shirt was totally ruined, and I stripped her down before we rode the tractor trailer back to the car. She was bare chested, strawberry stained, and dusty as all get out. I was sweating, and breathless. It was a super sunny day, and just a nice summer memory even if it was a bit of hard work.
One of the best parts of this was the strawberry sundaes that they sell back at the farm stand. Oh, a little bit of heaven in a cup. We arrived home sticky, sweet and tired. And, with a whole bunch of berries stocked up for the winter months.

Enough Said...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Statue Store, Toddler Heaven.

We went out to a place that sells outside statues and garden art. Apparently this was "the place" for a two year old. Kate was spinning around talking to all the statues, she was also kissing them and having deep conversations with them.

Unfortunately her parents taste, classic Japanese garden pieces where not what she liked. She liked large dogs, bears and her favorites where the large turtles. She had such an attachment to the turtles that there were some tears shed when we had to depart. Not only was there no room in our yard for these large guys, nor did my bank account feel the need to purchase them, I also think we'd need a large piece of machinery to move them anywhere.

I absolutely love this phase of life where a trip to the Statue store with mom and dad can bring her this much glee. If we could just bottle up her enthusiasm and joy, and give her injections of it when she is in her teen years I would do it in a second.