Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Daily Sprinkles

In the mix of all the daily battles of life, K has had an explosion of verbal skills and more personality (sometimes I am not sure if we can handle all this personality).  Here is just a what I am now consider the daily sprinkles that brighten my days.

Every where we drive, it gleefully announced from the back seat "That house is celebrating Christmas!"  "That house is not celebrating yet!"  "That house is celebrating, but that one is not!"  Celebrating means they have decoration up or on.  This will go on and on and on.

We have become somewhat obsessed with baby Jesus this year.  Random times during the day I hear "WHERE IS BABY JESUS?"  at a crazy volume used to announce a house fire.  Then there is a crazy conversation that will go on, that usually has to do something with the shepherds, and a donkey followed by another, where is baby Jesus?!?.

We are in Micheals doing some shopping for holiday crafts.  She is down the aisle looking at various things.  "Mom, I just love gems and things that sparkle."  Older woman standing next to me, chuckles and says "Spoken like a true woman."

She has taken to giving me loud commentary about what is going on around us.  We were in the locker room this weekend getting ready to go swimming.  Loud enough for everyone to hear her, probably out in the parking lot she states,  "That Momma is trying to get into her swimsuit, looks like it is kind of hard for her."  "Those ladies are talking about going on vacation, that sounds fun."  As well this goes on and on and on.

Then there are moments that are a bit rude, but still make me laugh.  She is going the bathroom in the morning, I am standing there helping her.  "What day is it?"  "Thursday."  "Thursday go to school day."  "Yep, go to school day."  "Then what will we do?"  "Not sure."  "Mom is old."  "What?"  "Mom is older lady."  "I guess."  "Mom is short."  "Okay, you are starting to go too far."  "Mom is a older shorter woman."  "Kate lest get going to fix your breakfast.".

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