Sunday, December 16, 2012

A weekend for Family and Hugs.

 Like a lot of people, the recent tragedy is just too much.  How do you wrap your head around  horrible violence against such innocent individuals?  I just don't think you can.  For this weekend, we just hugged each other a little extra.
 We played a little more on the floor.  Listened and danced to Christmas songs in our pj's and tried to just enjoy ourselves in a little safe cocoon of our home.  Because sometimes you just can't put into words your disappointment and despair in the events of our world.  And when your children are this young, and don't even know what a gun is.  I just try to keep them that way, innocent and protected for as long as I can.
No words can be said.  My sympathy to the parents who lost their children, are just that words.  My chance to keep my children loved, protected as well as try to be a positive force in this world  is all I can do.  One day at a time.

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