Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas the final edition with maybe one more coming.

Having a 2 year old is kind of a roller coaster, you love them, and then other times well... could we just have some cooperation and quiet. All the same, I have to say I am more into the toddler stage than I was the infant stage, her quirky little personality just tends to keep me laughing all the time.

These are some of the day of Christmas pictures. We cheated a bit and let her open presents as they came, just to try and spread out some of the fun and ease on the hour of present opening that she'd get bored with. We were having a low-key Christmas here, as bed-rest is not exactly budget friendly and combine that with gestational diabetes there just wasn't a lot of the fluff and fancy of Christmas.

That said it was still an amazing time. Kate gets as excited about a new tooth brush as she did other things. Though the cat-piano, microwave, and music player are being used non-stop. I just can't help but feel excited when I watch her do something, because she is so excited. Absolutely contagious positive attitude.

How much would you pay to have that type of joy at all times? To really be excited when you got a new tooth brush in your stocking. To laugh because your dad said silly-billy and then entertain yourself by repeating it for the next 30 minutes. To have minimal expectations or what your day "should" be like, and just enjoy the stability of life around you.

Toddlers aren't perfect. Far from it. They are a lot of work, they require consistency of food, activity and lots of sleep. They tend to get frustrated quickly some days and lack the skills to tell you why. They can really be spectacular though with their live in the moment pure enthusiasm and that is what we could all use on any day. It just makes Christmas shine a bit brighter.

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