Monday, December 12, 2011

My Sappy Christmas Tree Story

I know before I even type this that it will be sappy, corny and maybe crazy but tis' the season. This holiday season our household has been a bit out of sorts, everyone is feeling the strain of a crazy pregnancy, unexpected hospital visits and the hopeful but ever changing possible delivery date. Being that I am pretty restricted in activity and energy level, and I am typically the organizer of all holiday in our house its a little bland and off from normal around here.

I also tend to be a bit frantic between times of rest, because I am so worried that something is going to happen and then I won't be there to make a tradition for Kate. So even though I have let go of everything that I feel isn't critical, I will decide the lights need to get up outside and they need to get up now.

And that is exactly how I was about the Christmas tree. I didn't care that it was raining, it was early in December, and my family was not jolly. We were going and we were getting a great tree so that we could then decorate it, and it would be done in case I was put in the hospital anytime soon.

Now to back this story up a bit. I tend to like symbolism, and being that I am somewhat literal I will believe that I am getting signs or good omens. I know I already said this would sound crazy so stick with me if you can. For example, when I was pregnant with Kate everywhere I went I saw cranes. It was ridiculous, I would be at an intersection on a very busy road and there in the middle of the meridian would be a crane. At the time, I didn't know that a crane is a symbol of hope and a symbol of rising out of darkness. I just thought it was weird how they seemed to be everywhere. I thought for a long time it was just a odd coincidence of that time of year, so last year when I wasn't pregnant, I looked for them everywhere. I hardly saw a single one.

Well, this year and this pregnancy has been the year of the nest. Starting last fall I was having Ed do some garden things I couldn't do, and he was cutting down this big vine for me (while I supervised) and when we got it down there was a perfect medium uninhabited nest. It was just perfect, I actually kept it and it is in the garage waiting for spring. Then a month or so later we had a big wind storm and there in the middle of the yard was perfect little nest.

Then there we were in the rain. One hysterical toddler, one tired husband and a pregnant somewhat crazy mother looking for their Christmas tree. We didn't have the energy for this, and I had not dress myself or child properly. We walked a bit into the farm, and there was a great tree not to big not to small and just right, plus not too far from the car. I walked up closer and there on the ground in front of the tree was a perfect nest.

We had found our tree!

This is a little decoration my mom gave me a month or so ago, that is sitting nicely in our tree.

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  1. Love it! Also love seeing that 30 in your count down! Keep up the awesome job momma! You rock!