Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Talker.

I worried about my quiet daughter all the time. She has always been quiet, even as an infant there were lots of smiles but not a big babbler, or chattering sounds. As we hit 2 years old, my concerns were really starting to increase. She had about 10 words, that she would use but not many more than that. I didn't hear 'momma' until about 26 months. I felt that I was constantly surrounded by other 2 year olds that talked and talked.

Of course, I discussed this with about everyone that would listen. We had at least 4 evaluations. They all said the same thing, she was behind verbally but her cognitive (ability to understand, recognize and put into concepts) of words was off the chart. We did not qualify for services, unless she continued to be non-verbal at 2 1/2.

I worried at home, read everything on speach delays. Continued to do everything we could to encourage her to talk. And we waited.
I don't know the day it happened, and really it was over a period of a week. But, one day like so much of the things I have waited for with Kate it just happened. Prior to Thanksgiving, that glorious light bulb came on and the words just started to spill out of her. Everybody had a name and all the objects were being called things. We were requesting foods, we were demanding our needs. Then the sentences started to pour out, some making sense and some not, but a constant stream of words.

She was talking while on the potty, talking while supposedly sleeping, talking in the backseat and on and on. Now we still won't talk at toddler class, and we are pretty quiet with new people and out in public. Then as soon as we get into the car, oh the words just keep coming.
Here is an example of our conversation at dinner last night:
"Kate, what do you want for Christmas?"
"I want pants."
"You want pants for Christmas?"
"Yeah, some pants... giggle, giggle."
"Kate what did you do at school today?" (dad asking)
" Sing songs."
"Sing songs? What songs did you sing?"
"Can you sing for us."
"No, no, no..." then very quietly " jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun in a open horse sleigh"

Now you just have envision two parents that look as if their child just received the Noble Peace Prize. The bliss of worried but finally reached milestones. My little 25 weeker, just doing things in her own special way in her own special time.

When will I ever learn that she will do it in her own time, probably when I am 90 years old.

Addendum: The following day as told to me, she had a large tantrum when the class tried to sing Jingle Bells, which included trying to take other students bells away. Oh, the success and the utter failure that is toddlers.


  1. AWww...thats awesome!!! I know lots of kiddos that are shy in public, but she sounds like she's doing amazing now!

  2. So hard to wait and wait and let children take their own time to do things!
    Kate sounds a very bright little girl and a delight in everything she does.
    Our grandson almost 2 is only just now naming all the any things he knows!
    All best wishes!