Friday, January 6, 2012


In my crazy pregnant mind, I have been waiting to do my first post of the year after I changed the blog. I like to change it about once a year, and lately I feel that everything needs to be done before the baby comes. So instead of posting I have been looking and looking for the perfect background, etc.

I do believe I am going a bit crazy. For example, I go to get socks, and think... hmm, I better organize this sock drawer. I won't have time to do this when the baby comes and then I will be a mess trying to find my socks. Next thing, I am organizing the entire dresser. Then there is a bag for goodwill, and folding of clothes in piles of color cordinated piles.

I don't know if it is the hormones, nesting gone wild, or what happens when you leave somebody at home without a job for 10 weeks. I wouldn't really say it is productive either, and really is the baby going to be rummaging around in my sock drawer? Somehow I managed with being gone for 3 months across the state at a NICU, came home worked full time with a micro-preemie and my closet was a mess. I am sure I can manage this time, with hopefully (still 4 more weeks to go) full term baby.

Who knows, like I said, I think I am going a bit crazy. Bear with me, I am sure the blog design will change a few more times before this baby comes.

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