Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Halloween was the best day, kind of a once a year kind of day. I got home from work early with my new schedule. Rested for a good amount and was feeling great. I had picked up this take-and-bake pizza that looks like a Jack-o-Lantern and it was a big hit with all.

We have these cool, but gorgeous days lately. Crisp, sun and leaves. Kate and decided we'd just play outside after getting the mail. She is so close to really riding her tricycle, and we did the slide over and over.

When Dad came home it was pizza time then, putting on the costume. She didn't mind the costume at all, and actually was hamming it up for the camera. The day before when I tried it, I got the worst reaction and a long standing tantrum. We practiced trick or treating and she was all about it.

Then we hit the streets. After about two houses she was an expert. I only went to three houses, as I am taking it easy and then went home to hand out treats. But per Dad she was just a champ. Came home happy, ate a chocolate bar and we all feel asleep exhausted and happy.

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