Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Good Times.

As promised there is more to this fall that waiting watching and worrying. Last weekend was our big annual trip to the pumpkin patch, which includes rides, animals and sometimes treats. A good time was had by all.Crazy to think last year she wasn't even walking when we came out here. This time she was all over the place. Literally better than any playground is just being outside with straw everywhere.
Of course there was some lifting of heavy objects. Luckily she did not try to eat the pumpkins like she has tried to do with my mini pumpkins a few times at home. I see the 'world's strongest toddler' contest in her future soon.
A barrel ride with her cousins. It is amazing what she will do with her cousins, if Ed and I tried to make her do this alone there would have been screaming and an epic fail. But you place her in the middle with her cousins and its all smiles. I get a little frustrated to because I will ask her to do something and she screams at me, her cousin asks her and it is all smiles. I have a bad feeling I better get used to this a bit, and also use her cousins to my advantage.
Just trying to be arty, between watching a toddler trying to jump off a hay bale.
Another thing she would never do typically but it is much fun if her cousins are doing it.
And of course it is always fun to make silly faces at Grandpa.

Last weekend, was sun and good times. This weekend is dark and rainy, with everyone at other events. Just glad we got a chance to go have some fun together.

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