Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The day after... heading to the hospital.

Okay, I think I should have borrowed her hat an idea. Hiding from it all would be pretty nice, but as is life you just never know what twist (or smack upside the head) it is about to take. The day after our perfect Halloween was far from perfect.

Started out normal enough, busy at work. Got off, rested for an hour or so and then went in for a routine check at the doctors. Cervical ultrasound, and there it was... funneling. An obvious beak or funnel to my inner portion of the cervix. Under pressure, and the funnel got larger. To be blunt you'd have to a be an idiot to not see this on the ultrasound.

Crap, crap, crap.

From there, we decided I needed a cervical cerclage. This one is still classified as preventative but, I feel that is a bit of stretch. I have changes that are indicating problems, and I am somewhere between 23 and 24 weeks. Nothing about this is standard. But, on the good side my cervical length is nice and long. When I had mine with Kate, I was fully dilated with membranes protruding and cervical length less than 3 mm (right not I have cm of length).

One can't feel all that calm, even when the doctor is but you hear them in the hall way say to book a operating room as soon as possible.

So here I sit, waiting the following day to go have a cerclage placed. We are doing it as a day surgery. As long as I don't start contracting then I will be home tonight, and then on bedrest for the rest of pregnancy.

The emotions of being in such a similar experience are pretty intense, and not something I can go into on such an important day. Instead, I pulling my hat down, keeping positive and waiting for the day to pass.


  1. Ok, you can do this. I know that you are scared, freaked and just not ready to do this again, but hang in there. You are a brave smart beautiful mama!!!

  2. Ditto Becky. You can do this. The all important difference is you ARE NOT DIALATED. You are funneling but not dialated and still have some cervix left. There is still lots of hope here! Praying for you and (((hugs)))

  3. Yay for not being dilated.......that's a great place to have a cerclage placed. Thinking & praying for you!