Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Showers.

It just continues to rain here. We do get outside from time to time, to do all that a happy toddler likes to do outside. I am currently hobbling along because I have sprained my ankle (same ankle twice), with a month to go before the big race. All the same, there are some smiles between the sprinkles.

I have a lot of funny little bubble thoughts to go with this picture. Kate is always a girl with a purpose. Here to there, and there to here. Putting rocks, pine cones and all those things in there special place.
Never to busy for a little mischief, and putting rocks in places they should go. Though, I never care where they go in fact I typically have a collection in my pocket from my own picking of the ground and beach.
Hellebores. Beautiful perennials and if you don't have one you should get one. Dry shade to part shade, first blooming flower of the year always. Known also as Lentil Rose.
Somebody forgot to let the animal out of her cage.
"See Mom, I am so helpful. I will never pull out your flowers,
well as long as they don't ask me to pull them out."
She is off and running. Where she is off to who knows? Who can even keep up with her.

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  1. As long as she doesn't eat them, right? LOL. She's looking good and I'm so glad she's only gotten sick for you once, because yes, it's torture. Bring on spring and I love seeing her personality developing. :) She looks good.