Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Cupcakes-- Bunnycakes.

I don't have a lot of Easter traditions, but these are quickly becoming one of the few. I bought these bunny shaped ramekins from Michaels a few years back (for .50 cents a piece). They really make these very easy (I think that cupcakes in things other than wrappers are great). The cake is carrot of course with traditional cream cheese frosting. They were delicious. I always have a little cake left over too, and I'll put it in small little dish and make a little single serving cake perfect for a couple to share.

Kate was very excited for these. She actually was able to say cake, repeatedly. I kept finding her on easter over at the table near them. When we brought them over to Grandma's to share with the cousins, she actually got one off the table and stuck her little finger down in them. It was the majority of her easter dinner as well.

I also made little nest cookies, which were nearly as fun to make because during their entire making there was a screaming tantrum throwing toddler in the back ground. I was trying to just ignore the chaos and get the cookies done, but you can only focus so much with this level of screaming going on.

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