Sunday, April 10, 2011

Growing, growing, growing.

Kate has a one particular 'lovey' that she sleeps with every night. She received it from a friend of mine while in the NICU, and it has been with her ever since. Recently she has started calling it pup. I make it stay in her crib because I am so worried that something will happen to it and she won't go to sleep without it (I know she could, but I watch her on the monitor every night curled up with it in bliss).

Recently she had a little time with pup in her room, and it made me think of a NICU picture. The night nurse took it when she hit five pounds. She is now about 23 pounds, and boy how she has changed. Still has those cute cheeks.

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  1. I highly recommend scouring the internet for a duplicate or two. Ruby got attached to an elephant I had given to richard that had been attached to a gift tower. I thought I'd never find it, but I did! and I bought 3 more! came in handy when softy needed a bath and when one got lost! I thought she'd be traumatized to find that there were so many but she was happy to have them!