Sunday, April 10, 2011

March Cupcake.

I know that it is April, and I would like to say that I made these in March and am just posting it now but, no. I made them last week. Unless the blog or life police are going to arrest me, I consider them my March cupcakes.

I made Pina Colada cupcakes, in a little tribute to spring breaks gone past. I miss spring break very much. That little break, to have some sun and fun. Now spring break, is just another week of work. I am sure later on when our kiddo is bigger we will do something, but for now its nothing.

My husband and I met on spring break. Not an overly romantic story, unless you are into college movies with mindless plots. All the same, thanks goodness for spring break fun as it has made my life all the richer.

The cupcake is a coconut cake, with a whip cream frosting topped with toasted coconut, and fresh pineapple. I thought it was delicious but was messy and a definitely best the day of. I would make the cake a little more coconut in taste. I wouldn't give up the drink quite yet either!

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