Monday, March 18, 2013

Look who turned ONE!

 The big day was a few weeks ago, and after a scare last night were somebody deleted the pictures from the camera (but luckily he is very tech savy and figured out how to retrieve them all again) I felt that better share the fun day before it was too late again.  I did farm theme, and I absolutely loved decorating for this and I think that the girls liked it too.
 Taylor is a total ham, and I have way to much fun putting hats on her.  She will leave them on for a long time.  A few days later the hankercheif that she wears at her party became a hat at my party.
 Present were fun for both big and little sister, though Taylor mostly wanted eat everything...
 So cake time was perfect! There was no problem playing with her little cake, which
lead to smiles and sticky fun for all!  And even though I swear we aren't doing big parties each year, I am glad I did orgnaize this one and really celebrated this event!  Making it to year one is an acoomplisment for anyone, and whether it is your 1st child or your 6th I think that you should step back and enjoy. The amount of time and energy to get to that day, is a lot and a lot of pushing yourself harder than you thought possible.

It was a happy, relaxed day that left us a stinky mess and our beautiful girls.

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