Monday, March 25, 2013

Scene:  Sunday Morning
Characters:  Mom, Big Sis (also referred to Katie Bug and Bug), Little Sis (also referred Sissy and TayTay)

Mom (while working on meal planning, and the weekly shopping list at that kitchen table, looking serious and slightly frazzled):  "Katie Bug, where is you sissy?"
Big Sis (eating a bannana, singing and wearing monkey sunglasses at the kitchen table):  "WHAT?"
Mom:  "Bug, where is your sissy at?"
Big Sis:  "Not sure."
Mom: "When did you see her last?"
Big Sis: "This is a good bannana."
Mom (starting to feel a little panic, but also just trying to get that grocery list done):  "Tay-Tay, where are you? Tay-Tay?"

 Little Sis (sitting calmly in the cabinet located next to the kitchen table, notice in above picture): "giggle, giggle, clap, clap"  (starts to shove plates and cups out onto the floor)
Mom (laughing and smiling):  "Classic, classic"

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