Saturday, March 23, 2013


Like spring weather, life lately has been unpredictable and challenging.  I honestly was so tired during the last blog post that I didn't remember a word I wrote of it.  I read it the next day, and it was like reading something for the first time.  I was a bit scared in that it felt like I had blacked out on part of day.  We have a wicked cold that has made our poor sleep habits ridiculous and then even when I do sleep I wake up coughing and struggling.  Combine that with a crazy work schedule, and I guess you black out during the things (note to self get more sleep and don't do any long drives until then).

 In spring there is rain one minute, hail the next moment and then sun.  Around here I have noticed a little sunshine around here.  As I have talked about before, the sister relationship has been Little T adores, and at best Big K ignores.  At its worst, K has been down right mean.  Typically there is only minor violence, but the acting out in other ways or jealous tantrum well those have been epic this year.

Slowly and surely though, I am catching more and more times when they are doing things together.  Reading a book, playing in the imaginary kitchen or just making our house into one giant mess.  I hear T laughing, and following behind and I hear K saying long diatribes about them being in a marching band (of course she is the leader and gets the best instruments).  Little T is learning how to reach back out and say, "Big Sis don't be so pushy and bossy all the time" (this sounds like a combination of baby growls and shouts, with a straight arm and pointy finger but not only amusing is effective and gets the point across).  They are starting to figure this sister thing out.

Being sisters is not the Hallmark card I imagined while I was pregnant.  I realize now that I am here to help them realize how important family and sisters are, and that sometimes that doesn't just come out naturally.  I am also realizing that this is an evolving relationship, like each of our relationships are and I will probably get to witness all type of phases in it.

Being spring who know what the weather will bring, or our health or family.  I think I will hold out hope for more sun.

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