Tuesday, February 14, 2012

39 weeks and holding.

Here we are Valentines 2012, and 39 weeks pregnant and holding steady. Absolutely never thought that I would get to this point at all, and now actually starting to worry about having too big of a baby and that we are going to have to induce this one out of the womb. I felt that I needed to do an update as I have been getting a lot of calls checking to see if we have a new arrival yet. So, here is the announcement (and maybe the little girl inside will take the hint) we still have no baby.
We did a little bathroom photo shoot yesterday to photograph this belly in all its glory. I am not complaining at all since it is every preemie mom's dream to have the full term big belly, and another do-over that I am thrilled to have the opportunity to have. Now when I go out in public, I always get asked when I am due, and I know that I do look very pregnant (all the good and bad that comes with it).
During the photo shoot, this is what the original munchkin was doing. Repeating over and over, "Show me pictures of Kate", "Show me pictures of Kate.", "More pictures of Kate". She has been particularly, umm what is the word... bossy. Testing her boundaries I think is the term that I read in my parenting books. A bit tiring is the description I would use. Love her to death, and even her feisty spirit. Little munchkin your world is really getting ready to change.

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