Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Statue Store, Toddler Heaven.

We went out to a place that sells outside statues and garden art. Apparently this was "the place" for a two year old. Kate was spinning around talking to all the statues, she was also kissing them and having deep conversations with them.

Unfortunately her parents taste, classic Japanese garden pieces where not what she liked. She liked large dogs, bears and her favorites where the large turtles. She had such an attachment to the turtles that there were some tears shed when we had to depart. Not only was there no room in our yard for these large guys, nor did my bank account feel the need to purchase them, I also think we'd need a large piece of machinery to move them anywhere.

I absolutely love this phase of life where a trip to the Statue store with mom and dad can bring her this much glee. If we could just bottle up her enthusiasm and joy, and give her injections of it when she is in her teen years I would do it in a second.

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