Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Strawberry Picking.

I LOVE STRAWBERRIES! I really do. One of my favorite desserts is strawberry shortcake, but really anything with strawberries. I am lucky because we grow amazing strawberries around here and they usually are ready at the end of June. This year I decided I'd take Kate to the field for picking.
Luckily for me, Grandpa came along too. Because that was more than I bargained for. She did seem to enjoy it all but, didn't really understand the concept of picking and not eating. Picking and not taking them right back out of mom's bucket. She really didn't feel the need to finish one berry before grabbing another and try that one. Unfortunately the other berry then gets dropped into the ground, and sat on.
The shirt was totally ruined, and I stripped her down before we rode the tractor trailer back to the car. She was bare chested, strawberry stained, and dusty as all get out. I was sweating, and breathless. It was a super sunny day, and just a nice summer memory even if it was a bit of hard work.
One of the best parts of this was the strawberry sundaes that they sell back at the farm stand. Oh, a little bit of heaven in a cup. We arrived home sticky, sweet and tired. And, with a whole bunch of berries stocked up for the winter months.


  1. We loved, loved, loved our strawberries from Mt. Vernon. We went through all of them in about a day and a half. Thanks for the lovely visit and the treat to take back to Seattle. Def. better than the ones I buy at the store!

  2. Oh but what precious memories! I couldn't help but smile as I read about it. I bet Kate had the time of her life!