Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Zoo adventures.

I have been a very slow and sleepy this July, between being very busy at work. At the beginning of summer I came up with this huge list of 'to-do's'. It is really a bucket list for summer and being me, I am determined that we are going to get through that list. It was a gorgeous Sunday, which we've only had a few of lately so it was off to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle for us.

We went early to avoid the crowds and possible toddler meltdowns. We avoided the crowds, unfortunately we did not avoid the toddler meltdowns. We are in a awkward painful stage where she does not want to ride in strollers (shopping carts, high chairs) but yet doesn't have the skills to walk the distance or speed that is required.
The alternative to this is to carry her. We fought the battle... stroller, screaming and thrashing, and alternating carrying her. Thank goodness she is a still a peanut, but our aching backs. We of course let her walk around and look at animals and all other types of things. She would get engrossed in a boulder or sewage drain though and thus off we would carry her on.
In general we all had a good time, and as the day went on and more and more people showed up I was very glad we came early. The animals seems much happier in the morning as well, we got to see most of them eating one of their first meals of the day. It was the closest I had been to some of them before.

Kate's favorite was the peguins which she found exciting as they dived into the water right next to her. I thought they were a little smelly, but a good time for all.
Summer bucket list you are going to be completed soon!

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  1. I have to say that I was impressed with that zoo when I lived up there. I am glad that you guys got some sun to enjoy the day!