Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fathers Day Before and After

Our first Father's day was somewhat a nightmare. Kate was about two weeks old, and we weren't allowed to touch her. Ed was leaving to go back to our house, and I was sleeping in a hotel and trying to find something more permanent. I was an absolute mess, and crying the whole day because he was leaving.
The poor nurses must have taken total pity on us because when they went to do her suctioning they let Ed hold her (kind of) for the first time. The whole thing only last a few seconds really. Ed really does look quite happy too. I am just glad I was able to snap a few pictures.
And then here is our big toddler on Father's day. She was trying to get away from her Dad to get back with her cousin (the shadow on the stairs). She did not want a photo taken. She can be so feisty when she wants. I still can't believe how far she has come, and really how far we've all come.

So proud.

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