Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Big Sur International Marathon 2011.

In my typical style, I don't leave much out and I don't flower up our lives too much. Thus the title says it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. Luckily I only really have pictures of the good, and over all the bad and the ugly were just a small part of the trip.

We flew out from Seattle, with typical rain and cold. The weather is never ending here still, and we got into California by afternoon. Upon arrival, it was gloriously sunny. The bright orb was so beautiful and it was up in the sky for our entire trip. I spent a week in the sun, and it was so glorious.
Kate upon arrival discovered and delivered to me the most glorious discovery she could find. Hotel trash cans. Makes my skin crawl a little bit to think of what has gone into those, but never the less she thought that this was great. We quickly discovered they needed to go up on the dresser, or what-ever I threw away would be instantly returned.

Kate enjoyed hotel life. Highlights included a bed available at all times for pillow fights an jumping. Or if the mood struck spill a whole bowl of dry cereal onto the bed and dance around. Oh yes, toddler vacation was rocking good times.
Luckily for all of us, there was more to the trip than the hotel. We went to 'Dennis the Menance Park', which is a local park in Monterey. It had amazing slides, one of which was hundreds of rollers making a big conveyor belt that you got to roll (slide) down. Kate thought it was a riot, the adults were not sure if it was a pleasant feeling or not (picture kept for only family enjoyment).
The beaches were absolutely the best for all. Lots of sand, some fun rocks. Dogs running, playing with sticks and balls everywhere. Sun, sun and more sun. Life is good.
Things to do and people to see. California knows how to party.
Why did Dad stop me from running into the big white caps?
We went to the Monterey Aquarium. Though I think we are a little spoiled with a beautiful aquarium in Seattle, as well as seeing some pretty nice other aquariums on our previous trips. The toddler splash zone was really nice, as Kate got to get wet, jump around and finally shake some of the sillies out.
Oh, yeah I ran the race too. These are all pictures from the race course. This is said to be one of the most scenic courses in America. I whole heartedly agree. It was so beautiful, and so fresh with the ocean breeze. I saw a whale spouting while running, a first for me.
It was amazing and so well organized. They had 18 different musicians on the course, you come around the corner and see an amazing vista with man playing a grand piano in his tuxuedo. A few more miles down the run, and a whole band of tribal drummers. It was an event, and of all the races I have been a part of this one made you feel a bit special. It was the first marathon that I felt like I would want to run again.

Now time for the bad and the ugly, the race was hard. The course is rolling hills. Up and down, and for the first 12 miles I thought this was great. Then my legs and ankle that I've nursed along did not think it was that great. I finished and had a great time, my hurt leg has not forgiven me yet. Not sure when I will be running again.

We thought that we had allergies before we left. Those allergies got worse when we were in California. Finally we had to admit, we were sick. Not the best for running a marathon. But, at least Kate didn't have it. Well that was until the day we left.

Finally the ugly. I only have a few words on this. It involves a hysterical toddler vomiting into my hands on the aircraft. Then continuing to have small spit ups on my sweater. Then sitting there while she is hysterical, loud, red faced and stinky trying not to cry as my own sinus headache is about to split my head apart praying that we will land soon.

That and it was raining our first day back.

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  1. Wow that run looked gorgeous! Sorry it ended with a bust though. Hope you enjoyed the time anyway and all three of you are back to health. And here's hoping the sun comes out soon!!!