Saturday, May 21, 2011

Toddler daze.

I haven't been blogging much lately because to be honest I have been treading water trying to keep up with life. I over booked May with plans every weekend, and work in between. On top of that we've had two weeks of family illness. That and I think that I am in a 'toddler daze'.
These images are from about ten minutes of time in the hammock in the back yard the other day. It may have even been five minutes. This is how much activity is going on all the time with Kate lately. One moment she is in my face, whining and wanting to rip the camera from my hands. Then she is out of the hammock, running over to a pile of sticks.
The poor dog, is just looking for some peace and quiet in the back yard. Yeah, tell me about it buddy that is what I was day dreaming about too. But before we know it, she is back with demands of a sippy cup.
Okay now we've had the sippy cup. Of course that is not the right thing now either, and she needs down instantly.
Next moment it is bringing me a clump of dirt and grass. Perfect addition to the hammock. Unfortunately I can smell something brewing in her pants, and now we both have to go inside.

This my friend is the toddler daze. Am I coming? Am I going? What is she doing? What does she want now? Where is the sippy?

Its goods, but boy I am tired and I am not getting much else done lately.

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  1. I didn't know there were a name, but now I can put it to exactly what we are doing too! She's so darn cute though.