Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day.

My Mother

Being of simple mind, I have learned my best lessons by living them. One of the greatest I've learned over the last few years is the power of a mother's love. I could never imagined how much I would love, worry and care for somebody as much as I do for my daughter.

She has exhausted me to my core. Kept me awake so many nights, with worry and pumping more than from crying. I have also experienced some magical memories and smiles. Have I mentioned that she is only 2, and this is the impact she has made on me!

Of course, this is when it dawns on me how much my mother has given to me.

I am exhausted at 2, I can only imagine what 30 some years of doing this has done to her. I can not even count all the times she has helped me, worried about me and laughed with me. Both triumphs and difficulties have been shared with my mother. My words can not express my gratitude and love that I have for my mother. I only hope to become the type of mother she has exemplified for me.
My Daughter

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  1. Such splendid photos!
    I need to find one of my mother as a child.
    All best wishes from
    New York.