Monday, September 2, 2013

Good Bye Summer, Hello Crazy Pants.

It has been a great summer.  Absolutely fantastic really, though I have to say my standards are low.  For about as many summers as I can remember I have been pregnant, breast feeding, NICU staying, or pregnant again.  This was the first summer in four years that I dug out all my summer clothes and was actually able to fit into all of them.

I also decided that just because I could fit into shorts from five years ago, maybe I shouldn't wear them out in public.  I actually had a few pairs from when I was 18, so nearly twenty years old.  They fit and not in a horrible way but, you know I just don't need to wear those anymore.

We had a garage sale, and now I feel like I could have another garage sale as I am addicted to getting rid of baby things and clearing space.  I don't miss anything that we got rid of.  I was exhausted though, and thus I will wait till next year.

We actually started and completed some house projects (crown molding, paint, stair remodel).  Anyone that has young children knows what a miracle this.  I feel like our yard was not completely neglected this year either.

And I transitioned the girls into full time 'school' or day-care.  This was major and we made it.  I now have both girls not sleeping in our room (I wouldn't say Taylor is a great sleeper yet, but better).  They are both doing well, it is not perfect.  I still worry (I always will) but I feel comfortable with what I have found for them.  I really pray that I don't have to change things for awhile for them.

Now the brag will end, because I always keep it real.  There is tons we didn't get to.  We were going to go camping.  There was much more on our project list that is still not done.  I didn't compete in as many races as I wanted.  I wish we had a few more 'fun times', and less run around time.    And if I ever have these kids figured out, well I'll probably will be in the old folks home.

Life is such a work in progress.  Sometimes I have to just stop and celebrate the ending of a beautiful season, and the little things we were able to enjoy and accomplish.  And even though we say good-bye to summer, really September is so nice around here I vow to fit in a few more fun times including hanging out with the little Ms. Crazy Pants and  Sassy Sister.

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