Thursday, August 22, 2013

When Kids are Mean.

I heard that 3 year olds are about pushing physical boundaries, and that four year olds are about pushing emotional boundaries.  I never really thought about how you have to learn to control your emotions, and learn that your words can hurt others.  Self awareness.  I also never really thought about how these fun loving, cuddly toddlers will eventually turn on you and learn to say hurtful things.

I should have known.  I was and am a daughter.  I am still learning all the time, how to control my emotions and also how to say the right thing (especially when angry).  To be honest communicating, especially with those you love, is a lifelong battle that you will always struggle with.  I also know that I practicularly do not always say the nicest things to my mother.  I love her dearly but, I am sure I don't show it with my words.

My surprise probably comes more at how much it hurts when my daughter tells me something is boring that I have worked hard on.  Or the frustration at my inability to get my point across, or have her change her behavior.  And how much I just don't want to be with her when she is grouchy and mean.  The separation and development of their own personalities is something that I will need to brace and work on for years.

Just one more of the many things I am learning by being a 'mom'.

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