Friday, May 25, 2012

Keeping it Simple

I had a rough week, with an absolutely horrible friday.  One of those weeks, that I feel I had a kick me sign on my back at work and by the end of the week just felt like a pretty big failure at all that I am trying to do.  So I had to look at my picture of the week and realized that one of best times this week and lately is when we keep it simple and easy.

 Even with breast feeding, we have a lot of bottles around here from pumping and the bottles that she does take.  Every day these have to be washed and dried as we don't have an endless supply.  I get tired of doing it to be honest.  Enter... SUPER TODDLER KATE!  She thinks me filling the sink with bubbles and letting her play with them and the bottle brush is the best thing ever.
 She pretends and splashes.  So I leave her in her pj's if I think we'll do this, and just change her afterwards. I also put a towel down on the chair to make it a bit safer and easier to clean.  The bottles do actually get clean, though I do have to help a little bit.
 Please ignore the mess on the counters, thats part of my failures this week.  Do notice the fun smile on her face.  As well, look at those lovely curls that are just getting prettier each day.
As for baby sister, she was laying on a rug in the kitchen, probably thinking we were crazy!  I think she enjoyed all the laughing too.

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  1. Brilliant! We do this too!!! And your counters look better than mine. You are doing an awesome job!