Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Best Distraction.

I typically love this time of year, and despite everything I am still loving this time of year. It of course is a bit different. I knew that October and November were going to be very challenging mentally for me. These are the days and weeks that are so important medically to the pregnancy. The weeks that are defined by when I went into labor, when I was admitted to the hospital and words of viability, lung function and of course the always present cervical length and funneling.

I try hard but, I am watching each day tick slowly by and the weeks seems to be barely changing. I want so badly to be past 25 weeks, but I still have to get there one day at a time. A watched pot never boils, lets just say I am living that moment by moment.
To my great surprise, my daughter is the best distraction. Leave it to a two year old who is absolutely always in the moment to remind and distract me from my worries. These pictures are from an impromptu trip to a local farm. Not our official trip to the pumpkin patch, but a "Hey its sunny lets go out to a local farm for some fresh air!" kind of trip.

Just as in previous trips to other farms she is absolutely at home on a farm. Its like the best playground around. So much to climb on, and explore. Though it is really hard to not stick your fingers in the chicken hutch and let them peck you.

Even though she is very small still (we barely break 23 lbs on a good day), she is absolutely fearless. This is good and bad, as it makes her an accident waiting to happen. She climbs everything and will refuse any help in the process. She uses all types of things to help in her climbing, an adjacent pumpkin, a small box it doesn't matter as long as it helps her complete her task.

She also loves to carry ridiculously heavy objects. Typically something 10 lbs is not a match for her to lug towards you in a hurried fashion. This is only her second favorite lifting activity because, rearranging and moving an entire box of something from one area to another area one object at a time is big fun. Today I watched her unpack 12 soda's and place them on a counter top then move them from there to a small refrigerator. I have had to move all the apples up so they can not be moved every couple of hours as well.
She also continues to love to drive things. Tractors, fire trucks, and just about anything. Of course I over stepped in few moments later and suggested she go for a ride in a wheel barrow and full toddler screaming occurred. What was I thinking? The torture only a mother could encourage.
The days between outings are long. But, with this pregnancy I have living proof of how good the outcome can be. I know what we are working towards and why it is so important that things keep moving smoothly.
I have a living example of how wonderful 25 weeks can become!

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