Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Evaluations, Bumps and Big News.

Okay, don't make me regret posting this picture. Being that this is the longest I have gone without working out since I was 14 years old, and the most pregnant looking I have ever been the self esteem is a bit fragile. All the same I wanted to celebrate my bump. Being that this is my second, I popped out a bit faster this time. I think they call this 'warmed-up' or freshened in the pregnancy books, both are terms that make me feel a bit queasy.

I am officially half way there, and we are having another GIRL! I am offically letting myself be excited for a little bit. I would have been equally excited about a boy, and excited in all different reasons. I am excited for Kate to have a sister, something I never had. I am excited to pull out all Kate's cute clothes and reuse them. I am excited that they may share a room and help us from not having to get a bigger house.

I am also excited because Kate just had her 2 year high-risk assessment. And I think she did awesome. I think that we are going to be pretty much done with these extra appointments to evaluate her progress and her development. Its official, all the Scheenstra girls are rock stars tonight!

Tomorrow we will go back to speech evaluations, cervix lengths, and dirty dishes.


  1. Yay!!! I love the's beautiful. Congrats on another healthy girl.

  2. Your bump is gorgeous, in fact Im a little jealous because it looks soo good! You can totally do this, a second little girl will be SUPER blessed in your house and Kate is going to be a great big sister!