Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Watch out Martha Stewart.

I absolutely promise that I have been taking it easy. Sitting, resting, reading and everything else that I am required to do when not working. But, its been a bit serious around here and we had to have a little fun too. Thus Katie and I gave Martha Stewart a run for her money. First were these outstanding cookies.
Peanut butter, oat, rolled in M&M's. Absolutely chewy and moist, and chocolate and peanut butter is just a perfect combination in my book. Kate still doesn't really help with the cooking, she just stands on the bench over in the kitchen nook and acts like a ham (picture 1).

I keep thinking that she will want to mix or do something but no dancing around and bringing in stuffed animals to the kitchen is always more important. Then in classic Kate style when getting a cookie later she deconstructed it and only at the M & M's (and since then has only eaten the M & M's).
Then we did a little painting to welcome fall in. She really has come a long way with crafting and enjoying it. I have realized I have to have everything set up and ready to go, or her attention span will be ruined and we won't succeed in fun. I also love using the ice cube tray for paint as it is so much easier to clean up and use.
She particularly liked painting her hair and also her belly. All part of the fun!
I wished I didn't like fall so much but I do. I love the colors. I love the crisp mornings with afternoon sun. Football, and bands practicing. School supplies, pumpkins and cinnamon on everything. Sad to see summer go, but ready to embrace the next season. And I really do swear that I am taking it easy.

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