Saturday, September 10, 2011

Parenting fail and the Big Blue Truck

We don't live on a farm but, we have a farm truck. Our big blue truck is our home project truck, my I need a whole bunch of dirt for the garden and our driveway eye sore. Kate has been fascinated with this big hunk of junk (and I say that with love) forever.

In a moment of parenting stupidity. I let her up in the empty truck. The steering wheel is huge, like a bus and it is a joyful type of king of the road trucker feeling. There is a horn that works. There is just a huge big dirty bench seat to walk across and lots of silver buttons to hit. This is the toddler jackpot.

Now the stupidity of this was drum roll please: 1) Every time we are out front she is adamant that it is time to drive the truck. She is slowly perfecting the word truck, and can see it from the kitchen so we have her standing on the bench frantically talking to the truck. We have her holding onto the tire with tears because she most drive it now. Oh, the fun of these irrational most have desires. And the even bigger reason this was a total form of my parenting stupidity 2) It is obviously not safe to have kids play in vehicles. Though she is smart the difference between the blue truck (that takes an act of god to get started) and mom's car is probably not a realization. So now I feel extra paranoid that she is going to play around and in cars.

I don't know though the joy may have been worth it.

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