Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pets, Poop and Costco.

I know that the morning I am about to describe is not that unusual. I know there are other mothers out in the world trying to juggle it all and keep all their children and pets happy. But, still I share with you just a typical Wednesday in our house.

I have a day off in the week, and work every other weekend. My weekday off is always about trying to get a bunch of things done, and enjoy my time with my daughter. Its when I schedule her doctors appointments. Its when we buy birthday presents, and supplies for dinner. Of course it is also when we play outside, go to swim class, and have lots of fun.

So it was not unusual that this wednesday, I had a good list of errands to run. The day before had been crazy at work in more ways than one. I had opened the cage of a patient that was suffering for slug bait toxicity (metaldhyde which is a neurotoxins) and he attacked me. Luckily he only got my finger and a bit of my hand. But this detail is important because the majority of all the task I was doing was one handed and in pain.

Anyhow, we woke up got and did our normal routine. Now its about 9:30 am, and I am ready to go. Oh, wait! I am in my pajamma's. I never did this prior to having a child. I literally forget to change my clothes and do my hair. I hurry and put on some clothes that are not stylish, and yes I could go workout in them. Put on a baseball hat and grab the keys.

Kate is screaming because she hates when I wear hats. Really, mommy has bad hair days... let me wear a hat. She is pondering this as she jumps off one stair to the next stair. Okay, lets go. Oh, crap! I forgot the Costco coupon book upstairs. We have a two level house. I love our house. I hate how often I forget something on the other floor. I run upstairs for the coupons. Back down. I forgot the keys. Back up. Back down. I forgot Kate's snack. Back up. Back down.

Okay, finally we are ready to go. I pick up Kate and purse and head out. But, wait what is that horrible smell? Great, Kate has pooped her pants. She is all grins. We are starting potty training. Back up stairs. Off go the pants, get the onsie snaps open (not easy with one hand). I am trying to get the poop off her. She is trying to sit on the potty. This is going from bad to worse. There is smelly poop everywhere. On the onsie, on my hand, on the potty. Then my bandage comes off and my bite wound is now bleeding. Great. Kate is literally covered in poop and I am bleeding. Cleaned up everything, and we are good to go.

Head back downstairs. I think that is 20 trips on the stairs now. I open up the door to the garage, and out like a rocket goes our little terrier Petey. God, I just need to go get socks and some large frozen food items. Really I am not heading off to the spa. I am going to a large grocery store before 10 am. Unfortunately God is busy at the moment, and my terrier is running around like a crazy in the garage. He goes to work with me, and obviously thinks that we should go there now. I place Kate in her car seat, and Petey launches over both of us into the front seat. I question if I should just take him too. Thinking better of it I grab him and shove him back in the house, where three other pets are staring at me when I open the door.

We are finally on the road. I glance at myself in the mirror. I look a little bit deranged, maybe even like somebody who drinks something stronger than coffee at 10 am. When did I get such black circles under my eyes? Wait a minute, why does it smell like poop still? Kate? No its not her. That is when I realize, I did not clean my arm up that good. Thank goodness for baby wipes and hand sanitizer.

Finally we reach Costco. Kate is singing in the cart, waving at everyone as if she is in the best parade ever. And of course shouting at the t.v's with pure joy. I laugh out loud at her and myself. These days are hard, challenging but I know that someday I when I am shopping all by myself and Kate is in college I will miss them. I will miss the chaos, and the trips up and down the stairs. I will miss more than anything is watching my little girl giggling in the thick of it all.

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