Thursday, June 16, 2011

Words of wisdom from the Garden.

I love summer so much. I can work in my garden even after work, dinner and bedtime routine. You just can squeeze so much more fun into a day than you can in the winter. My garden is really several small flower beds and a small strip between our house and our neighbors. We have over 10 trees in our yard, mostly large Western Red Cedar and Douglas firs. This makes it a challenge with roots and lots of shade.

Tonight when I was gardening though I had a few thoughts,

1) Its okay to pull out a plant even if it is doing well. If you don't like it or its out grown its space or you just are ready for a change, then pull it up. No guilt about it, just embrace what you feel.

2) Deal with what you got. I can't make my gardens into no stop flowering beds, I just don't have the sun or soil. I can make them interesting place for hostas, ferns and other unique plants. No matter how bad I want that sun garden, I just don't have it. And when I get to focused on what I don't have I then start to not see what beauty I do have.

Hmm... these lesson might have some impact beyond the garden.

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