Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let them eat cake!

Today was a long hard day. I found out that the only thing worse than having a horrible head cold, is having one at the same time as your toddler. I just can't even describe day five of the two of us locked in the same house. Keep in mind one of us was refusing to eat anything but gold fish crackers, which has a nice side effect of creating a bipolar mood swings. Nice, cuddly one moment, screaming and thrashing the next. Typically because a sock came off, a breeze came through the house or a minute went by. Meanwhile, I just wanted to drink a cup of tea (or a double vodka) and maybe run my head over with a lawnmower as it would probably hurt a little less than listening to her talking mailbox one more time.

What is one to do?

Well, of course eat cake! Little red velvet cupcakes, which I made last weekend. I used a recipe off and it was easy and tasty. I didn't like the frosting, but the cake was moist and a beautiful red color. A success in my book.

I wish I could say that little cranky pants and I shared cupcakes on the steps outside and our illness magically disappeared as spring slowly emerge around us. Reality, I counted down the moments until her father came home. I then suffered through a dinner of goldfish crackers followed by a rage that would be best described on "When Animals Attack."

I just pray that tomorrow will be a better day, and if not there are still a few cupcakes left.

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