Sunday, September 5, 2010

Will she be doing this in college?

We have a kid that just doesn't really like food.

You give her purees and she'll give you a splat!, a whack! and a blah!

All other food is munch munch munch and then spit or drooled out on her bib. Recently I was with a friend and we were drinking coffee and eating a snack. Kate was there playing on the floor, and the friend offered her some cookie. Kate proceeded to throw every bite on the floor.

Oh, it makes a mother beam with pride.

When you child doesn't eat well everyone has suggestions for you. Sally Sensitive will recommend that you try peas (or insert any other very standard ingredient). Oh, thank you! I knew that even though I have nearly bought every jar of baby food in North America, and made my own that it was peas (or pears, or apple sauce) that was going to be the missing link in this eating challenge.

Maybe I should take Sally Sensitive with me when I shopping and I analyze every aisle trying to find things that she will finally eat. And when for a rare moment she does seem to like something, I buy cases of it. Only to be disappointed when she decides the next day that no, I don't like that after all.

Well, on those nights when I am just struggling to put the fake smile on my face while picking up the spoon off the floor once more. I ask myself, "Will she be doing this in college?" And with that I am reminded that this will pass, most likely long before she goes to college. And if not maybe she will then fit in with the super skinny Hollywood crowd.


  1. But look at that face mom! I think she's getting some nutrition through osmosis! ;) If it's not one thing it's 12 others.

  2. I was going to say something very similar to the above comment. For a baby who doesn't like food she certainly looks healthy and seems active. So GOOD JOB MOMMY! I have a picky eater too, took us a bit to decide the spoon was an ok way to get some food.