Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just another day...

Today I was having a crazy busy day. Charts were falling off the desk onto the ground, next to a pile of phone calls that needed to be returned, and prescription refills to be signed are on every surface. I had been 30 minutes behind all morning long. And if you think that it doesn't bother your veterinarian to be so behind, well you haven't met me. I literally had sweat pouring out of me as I was trying to catch up. All morning long everybody had a lot to say, and their pet too. Finally I made it to lunch. Now I had a few options: I could work through lunch. Or I could run. I went for a run.

We hit the trail, my favorite running buddy and me. Tahoe, our 9 year old lab mix, is the best running partner ever. She is always happy to go. Doesn't mind if I don't feel like talking and goes whatever speed I do. The trail is a boring, flat cement number (I don't even call it a trail typically) but the view is makes it worth the run. I work in Anacortes, WA and it is a actually a little island thus you have water on all sides. There is the Pacific ocean and then small bays and inlets. On a clear day you can look towards the San Jaun Islands and several other small islands that surround it. There is also a large oil refinery across the bay, and even it makes for an interesting view with its multiple series of large pipes, smoke stacks, and structures.

The sun was out, the leaves were just starting to fall and there was an ocean breeze in the air.
I clipped along, my legs were slow and tight. I had two large coffees and no breakfast, a great performance enhancing meal. Kate had woken up in the night again, and I am feeling like my typical sleep deprived self. Tahoe on the other hand was bouncing along in front of me. When she runs her little ears bob up and down like little pig tails, it always makes me smile. We passed some bikers. Then a grandmother proudly pushing a baby in a stroller. I swear 90% of people you will meet out on a trail are going to be happy, says something about exercise.

After seeing the baby, my mind drifted to my baby. I thought about how she would love to bike this trail later with me. Perfect and safe, but with some beach that we could pick rocks or shells on. My legs were hurting a little less and moving a bit smoother. The tension knot in my neck was starting to ease up. Tahoe's pigtails were bobbing right along. We reached the tressel, which extends across the whole bay (see picture). Time to turn around if I was to get any work done. The return trip goes faster. I see the grandma loading the baby back in the car to go home. I know I have to get my work done so I can see my baby before she goes to bed. I run a little faster.

Back at the clinic. Everything is still there waiting for me to get it done. I am breathless, sweaty and my hair is never going to really look good for the afternoon appointments. I do end up getting everything done, well pretty close. And I got home on time to get a smile as I pulled up and a kiss when I got out of the car. And for today, I am glad that I made the choice to run.

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