Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our College Days!

First let me just say that most people have fond memories of college... just think if you stayed there for 9 years. You'd be really attached to the place. For us, WSU was our home for 9 years. We were married there, had our first home and our first pets. We had lots of fun memories there. This year was our first trip back since I went into labor (which I also randomly did while visiting the campus a year plus ago). And our first big trip with Kate.

I could probably write at least three blogs about our trip but since I took time off work, and then we just had a big doctor evaluation ... I am exhausted. I can at least put up some cute pictures though. And say that as a family we bleed crimson, GO COUGS!

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  1. What fun! The last picture is awesome. Totally needs to be on a frame in your office.