Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Metamorphosis in the Target line.

Today was my day off during the work week. My little peanut and I were having a pretty standard day. Morning of cleaning, playing, reading her books. Mid-day nap. Then a trip to run some errands, mostly to break up the long afternoon stretch prior to dinner.

We ran a few errands and then the grand finale was Target. I'd like to make the point that I actually had done my hair, and put on a little make up on today. I also was not in work out clothes. Unfortnately I had given Kate some chocolate cookies, and then I made the mistake of wearing a white shirt. Needless to say I had chocolate handprints up and down my shirt. By four o'clock and at our last stop of the day, and I have a feeling that neither Kate and I were looking too fresh.

We had typically items to get at Target. The most important being Yogurt melts, which Kate can't seem to live without currently. And of course then since we were on the baby aisle, some teething biscuits, hair bows, baby yogurt all made it in to the cart. I had also picked up some funny Halloween plates, and pasta for dinner. We made our way to the check out.

As I placed my items on the conveyor belt, I noticed the stylish girl in her 20's in front of us. She had perfect hair and make-up. Her out-fit was stylish with accessories that were just right. She looked like she had just stepped out of the pages of Lucky or In Style, but wasn't over doing it. She either noticed me staring or Kate's screeching, because she smiled and said hello. I, with my chocolate covered shirt, sheepishly said hi as I placed another package of yogurt melts on the belt.

Then I noticed what she was buying. Three pairs of shoes. They were very cute, two pairs of boots, and a pair of heels. I was impressed with the shoe selection at Target, but as I fished out a bottle from my purse and wrestled my keys away from Kate's mouth. Her purchase and entire presence made me smile. Boy, my life and I have changed!

The first year of having a child is such a blur. I was really in survival mode for so long. Then we spent 11 months in home quarantine. But, it is bigger than that. You can't even put it into words until you go through it. Its a mind shift, it a priority shift. Its a metamorphosis. Now I can't really say that I am done with this metamorphosis, but I am a far cry from whom I was three years ago. Kind of amazing what you can realize in the Target check out line and glad that I've been on both sides.

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