Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trouble has a new name: Kate

I don't have a lot of time lately because, Katie has learned how to crawl. Each day she gets faster and faster, which seems to equal more and more trouble. Of course up have gone the baby gates, and in have gone the plug covers but still she finds more to explore. Today it was turning on and off the t.v. as well as munching on a DVD.

When we aren't scrambling after her, or scooping her up to soothe the latest bonk it can be pretty fun to see her in action. She has the determination of a small ninja, but unfortunately doesn't always have all the skills needed for her latest stunt.

Enjoy the film, sorry about the cheezy mom talk in the back ground.


  1. Nice job on the crawling Kate! Mom and Dad are soooo in for it! We have that same walker/ride on toy and Isaac loves it!

  2. Go Kate!
    Crawling is now accompanied by climbing at our house. Nothing is safe. Yikes!
    It's fun to watch but it sure is exhausting to be on constant baby-watch to prevent falls and further destruction.

  3. The 80's called they want their leg warmers back. :) Very cute.

  4. Leg warmers are always in! Long live the 80's.