Thursday, June 3, 2010

The crazy journey through the 1st year!

Holy Cow! We made it!!!! I just can't believe that we have come to the year mark, and I also can't believe how fast it all went. Honestly, I am somewhat speechless in the whole thing. This was such a crazy, hard, delightful, scary and life changing experience that it is unreal.

Beyond that I just couldn't put into words all the amazing family, friends and strangers that made this year possible. Our journey has just been made up of some of the most memorable and fantastic characters along the way. From doctors, nurses, friends of friends, old friends, parents of friends, co-workers, and the list just keeps going. Our little family, was supported by an entire village of people and prayers.

So if you have a few minutes, enjoy a little video of Kate's first year. And celebrate with us on this great day, because you probably had a role in it all happening too!


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  2. Happy Birthday Katie!

    You are a wonderful and cute little kiddo and what a big year you have had. I agree wtih Richard too. Awesomely kickass.

    And I think that someone needs to point out your mom's most awesome dancing skills (was that the running man?)

  3. shoot, i added an i even after i told myself not to.

  4. Wonderful video! Amazing first year! Happy Birthday, Kate! My sister, Diana, has kept me posted on Kate over the year. She is a very special gift!

  5. Love the video! Looking forward to pictures of the cupcakes.
    <3 Mommy Twin :)