Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Trouble: and 9 month photo shoot

Well the best part of having a preemie is we get to experience things over and over. This winter I even said it was similar to ground hog day the movie. Yes, she had her 1st birthday but we are still taking pictures of each month adjusted. We couldn't exactly stick month stickers on a baby we couldn't touch so on we go. Anyhow, from these pictures you can see how life has been going...

First she looks sweet and innocent, then she spots something else to grab on to or play with. Great, that will keep her busy for a bit of time... how about a mila-second. Because before you know it she has spotted something else.

And now she has to have that new thing. Maybe it is a extension cord, your necklace, or the shower curtain. Trust me, she will get it. It doesn't matter that she only crawls and has poor balance and the object is on the top shelf. She will get it.

Or at least she will have a good laugh at trying!
And as you'll notice mom or dad's hands will be pulling her back in the whole time!


  1. LOL..its gets worse. Especially when they can reach the top of the kitchen table....

    Gosh she's cute.