Monday, April 7, 2014

Where have I been?

I can't say that I totally know.  Months have gone by since I blogged.  Have I decided to stop blogging? No not really.  I can't say that I thought about it too much, it has been more like a little nag in the back of my head saying, "Shouldn't you blog?' and then the day would rush by and more and more would happen and I just wouldn't sit down and type much about it.  

Of course I wasn't off on vacation nor was I sleeping in.  I was most likely cleaning, and potty training, and making appointments for dentists, pediatricians and physical therapist.  I have been doing something that I still can't talk about, but maybe by this summer that whole secret can come to light (there is the hook to keep you checking in on the blog).  It honestly is taking up any little free time that I have, again you will have to wait and see on all that.

So am I back?  I think so. It feels like it time to write again.  K is doing some physical therapy that I want to talk about.  T is always being a challenging toddler that brings me to my knees on a weekly basis.  And today while I was running I kept thinking about how I've been told I have a chip on my shoulder, which I think is correct.  I also think that I might deserve that chip.

No promises, no sweating the numbers or amount of blogging, but blog I will.

What do you have say for yourself?

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